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When I built my first coffee trailer in 2014, there wasn’t much on the internet on how to start a coffee trailer. It was a long and hard journey. But the School of Hardknocks, despite its high tuition, has a great education. Needless to say, I’ve learned quite a bit.

After my first year in business, I built the capital to build out a coffee truck. Then we built 4 carts and by my 3rd year, business was so good, I opened a brick and mortar where I started to do my own roasting.

During this time, I wrote an eBook and in 2019 I pivoted my business to full time consulting and this is really where my knowledge took off.

It was right before the pandemic and so when you-know-what hit the fan and everyone went to the internet, I was there waiting. Coffee shops closed and Mobile Coffee Businesses Boomed.

I began teaching classes on how to open a mobile coffee business. For each student, I would read their code/regulations and give them personal recommendations on how to launch.

It was exhausting work, but the education was invaluable.

By reading hundreds upon hundreds of county health code, I started to notice both the differences as well as the similarities

Naturally, some of my students started to ask if I was willing to build a trailer for them. I was hesitant at first, but slowly I started to take contracts.

I continued to teach and to this day still teach. But overtime, I’ve seen countless new entrepreneurs get taken advantage of by shady contractors or greedy buildout companies.

So, I decided to launch Built By Green Joe, a division of the school that is dedicated to quality, innovative coffee trailer builds at competitive rates.


The Method Behind the Madness

The luxury I have over my contractor competition is that I’ve opened and ran successful mobile coffee businesses for years. So, I know where things need to be placed, the equipment needs, the want to have vs the need to haves and how to set up a trailer for workflow.

I have experience on the coffee trailer.

So when I came to building a trailer I need it to be:

Incredibly Functional
Function equals Profit. Profit is the businesses #1 Priority.
Absolutely Beautiful
Aesthetics matter. People book coffee trailers that look good.
Incredibly Mobile
Each trailer also has a cart, so that the new entrepreneur doesn’t have to say no to indoor catering events (which can make up to 50% of your annual profit!).
Robust Equipment 
Fully Equipped with Handpicked Equipment that is hardy and can stand up to the rough conditions of a mobile environment.
Meets Health Regulations
It needs to be able to pass the health inspection otherwise, what good is it?

Functionality Brewed to Perfection in Our Coffee Trailer!

Functionality comes in two forms on the coffee trailer: Workflow and Equipment.

Workflow: Each unit is set up for a one man/one gal show. The workspaces are created so you have all your syrups, milks, cups and equipment within an arm’s reach. We also placed the workspace next to the window so you communicate with the customer while making their drinks

However, in order to communicate effectively, you can’t have a loud generator. Our generators create 57 decibels at the serving window. 57 decibels!!!

Equipment: Each piece of equipment has been field tested and approved. Only hardy workhorses are allowed on our coffee trailers. With workflow in mind, the equipment was chosen to ensure that drinks are made with quality, consistently and quickly.


Brewtiful Trailers: Where Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Looks matter. The fact of the matter is if an event coordinator is deciding between a beautiful coffee trailer and a roach coach, the trailer wins every time.

With a few exceptions, coffee trailers are just cuter than coffee trucks. They get more gigs.
And they lose less gigs.

If your coffee truck breaks down, how are you going to make it to your event?

If your coffee trailer’s pulling vehicle breaks down, can you still make it to your event? Can you borrow a truck? Rent a uhaul?

So, the facts are coffee trailers make more money and lose less money. Plus, they’re cheaper to start up. All things considered, this is why we picked a coffee trailer over a truck.

But, the devils in the details. See those shelves next to the window? They’re perfectly sized to hold two 12 oz bags of coffee. Or Mugs. Or Jewelry. Or whatever other merch you want to upsell while at the window. How about a succulent in a coffee cup? How cute!

It doesn’t stop there. Remember that coffee cart we mentioned? Well, the walls have attachment points to add in multiple shelving units. All carefully thought out to improve your sales.

Rise & Grind with Our Fully Equipped Coffee Trailers

Hand selected, hardy equipment to launch your trailer on Day 1.

  • Brand New, Warrantied, Commercial Espresso Machine
  • Commercial Espresso Grinder
  • Commercial Coffee Brewer
  • Pitcher Rinser
  • Commercial Espresso Water Filter
  • Commercial Water Pump
  • Commercial Refrigerator
  • Quiet Generator Inverter
  • *AC Unit Available upon request for additional charge


Perk Up Your Business: Indoor and Outdoor Events

So, there I was sitting in the parking lot of a swim meet. Watching hundreds of people not buy my coffee. Why? They didn’t want to leave their seats. Luckily for me, I didn’t throw in the towel. I’m prior military, remember? Adapt and overcome.

I built a makeshift cart, loaded my 110v espresso machine and wheeled my business indoors. $1,000 later, I was sold. Mobile coffee businesses need to be able to do indoor catering. If not, we’re leaving too much on the table. And if it’s your first year, you’ll need all the money you can get.

So, each trailer has a fully functional, standalone cart ready for massive volume indoor catering events.

Brewing Brilliance: How Our Coffee Trailers Excel in Health Code Adherence

After reading literally hundreds of health code, we have begun to see the patterns.

So, when building the trailers, we build to a greatest common denominator.

Our trailers are a hybrid of LA County, Washington L&I, Florida Department of Agriculture and Texas Public Health.

  • Our Walls are smooth, washable, impervious, durable and light in color.
  • Our contact surfaces are non-porous, smooth texture, durable, heat resistant, seamless, chemical resistant and easy to clean.
  • Our Water Tanks: Fresh 40 gallon, Gray 46 Gallon.
    • The coffee cart is 5 gallon fresh and 7 gallon gray.
  • All equipment is NSF, ANSI, UL, or ETL certified appropriately.
  • Our Floors are coved 4 inches with hot welded seams.
  • Our sinks are 10x14x10 with integrated drainboards NSF certified
    Our handwashing sinks are separate and have splash guards.

And there is much, much more without giving away too much of our secrets!


From Idea to Reality: Effortlessly Launch Your Coffee Trailer Adventure

There are many moving parts to launching a mobile coffee business and we are here to help launch your business after the purchase.

When you buy a trailer from us, you also have access to Green Joe Legacy: Our Launch Masterclass where we cover how to market your business, build a menu and grow your brand.

We meet on a weekly basis, covering a wide range of topics including how much to charge, whether or not to book an event and how to create contracts for your events.


Crafting Perfection: Hands-On Barista Training with Your Coffee Trailer

With your purchase, you will also receive access to hands-on business and barista training at no extra charge.

Here we will learn the ins and outs of working a coffee trailer including:

  • Hooking up a Trailer
  • Starting a Generator
  • Opening Checklist
  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Drawing an Espresso
  • How to Steam Milk
  • Crafting a Menu
  • Developing Amazing Drinks
  • Quality Checks
  • Closing Checklist


Crafted with Care: Unlocking Excellence in 12 Weeks

Each unit has a twelve week build-out time. All specialty work is done by Licensed Electricians and Licensed Plumbers to ensure that everything is up to code.

Sip, Save, Succeed: Coffee Trailers on a Budget

I’m sure by now, you’re thinking, This is all great, but how much does it cost?

Our goal is to keep the cost affordable. To do this, we have to automate our system, which means, unfortunately we cannot customize.

By automating our system, we can purchase products in bulk, create SOPs for procedures and also be able to hit that 12 week timeline.
It’s time to level up your coffee game! With our fully equipped, turnkey solution, you’ll step into your new venture with confidence. Brand new equipment, hands-on barista training, and expert guidance—all yours for an unbeatable price of $38,500!


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