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Corporate Slave...

I was working 70 hour work weeks, busting my ass to make someone else rich. No weekends. Always missed evening dinners. I could never make plans because work was always in the way. I was always making excuses to my wife and my life on why I couldn't do something. I just wasn't happy...

Finds Freedom...

Enter the Coffee Truck. I bought a 1974 Vintage Scamp Trailer on Craiglist and began the build out process. I spent 2 months gutting the trailer and rebuilding it to my city's permit specification. In the process, I learned so much about coffee, trailers, restaurants and the food truck industry. But my education was costly. Over $4,000 in mistakes...

Fueling Passion...

My coffee truck journey has been an amazing and rewarding journey. I work part time hours and make a full time salary. I have the weekends that I want off. I sit down with my family to eat dinner each evening. I have balance in both time and money. This experience has been awesome. Now that I know how to do it, I want to pass it on so you know how to do it too!

Green Joe's

Ultimate Coffee Truck Business Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary




Keys to Success

Company Summary

Expansion Plan: Plan expands to a national company including online sales.

Company Ownership

Company Location: Describes how to pick a location.

Keys to Success

Start-up Summary: Includes start up cost with itemized breakdown.

Products and Services: Shows how to price and bill for services

Service Description

Competitive Comparison

Sales Literature


Market Analysis Summary: Market analysis includes coffee and food trucks.

Market Segmentation Strategy

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Competitive Edge: How to beat out your competition.

Sales and Promotion Strategy:Full marketing strategy to include social media

Pricing: How to price product and bill for services.

Payment options

SWOT Analysis

Management Summary

Organizational Chart

Financial Plan

Also in Business Plan​

How-To Videos:
  • Marketing
  • Expansion Plan
  • Hiring Employees
  • Operating the Truck
  • Picking Locations
  • Products and Services

Excel Spreadsheet to assist with determining Profit Projections

Detailed Itemized list for total cost of the truck.

Source and Use Sheet

Documents are in Word and Excel so you may make easy changes. Also, I highlighted all the individual information so you can remove it and put your business name in. Super User-Friendly!

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