Coffee Cart

Coffee Cart


This page is dedicated to my newest adventure: The Coffee Cart.

After building two trucks and a couple of temporary coffee carts, I wanted to place my focus on building a more permanent coffee cart. Knowing my audience tends to be DIY'ers, I've decided to make the cart a DIY cart. Most the equipment will be purchase online. I'll provide links as I go along. But I've also try to create this in such a way, that you may find your own equipment. Take a look at what I have so far...

Rough Draft 1

I started with a basic box design. When I started, the box was split in two, sharing x2 unequal halves. This would change during the development.

  1. 1.Triple sink and handwashing station. I have the vision to have this on slide rollers, similar to a dresser drawer. So, when not in use, they slide back under the cart.
  2. 2.Place near the back is my water tanks. I have a 7 gallon grey and 5 gallon fresh. This is also where the water heater will be placed.
  3. 3.This is the electric box. Using an RV electric box, it will give me x1 30 amp 220v and x2 20 amp 110v. I like this set up because it's easy to find, hook up and can use extension cords.
  4. 4.Fridge. I put the fridge under the espresso machine because of work flow. I looked at available under the counter fridge on ebay and and tried to measure a "one size fits all" size cart.

Rough Draft 2

I continued the development of the box, focusing on the metal sizing. Slowly, I began to learn, rather than unequal halves, the box would be split down the middle.

  1. 1.The T-Bar in the center would serve both as increasing strength and stability but also as attachment points for wood installations at a later point.
  2. 2.I went down to a local metal distributor and was quoted over $1,000 for the metals without cut. So, then I researched x3 metal distributors online. I ended up picking Online Metal because their prices were fair but I also enjoyed having a person to help me with my customer service. -Thanks Amanda!

Final Draft

In the final draft you can see the box halves becoming equal.

  1. 1.Water tanks: Purchases from Jeff is an amazing guy. Wealth of knowledge. You can save by digging around for other sinks, but I found that plumbing has become one of my major pains, and would rather delegate this work to ensure less headaches. ~This is also where my water heater will be located.
  2. 2.Electric box. Again, just using one from an RV x1 30a 220v and x2 20amp 110v. There are all kinds to purchase from Amazon depending on your electric needs. I'm thinking x1 30amp for my espresso machine. x1 20amp (or 15) for Grinder and Water Heater (power unit work at separate times of each other) and x1 20 amp for the fridge and any other accessories (lights, POS system, music).
  3. 3.This is where the espresso machine will sit. These measurements will fit most 2 group and 1 group. I think for a 3 group, we would need more length
  4. 4.Fridge: Again, this is the average size of fridges that I found on ebay. This is a front vent fridge, meaning it blows its hot air out of the front. If you have a side or back vent fridge you may need more depth on your cart per manufacture's instructions... Most fridges that I look for were at or near 5 cubic sq ft. This will hold 4-6 gallons of milk depending. Enough to get through an average day of work.
  5. 5.Sinks: Again, using the triple sink/handwash from Pump and water heater will be located near the back.
  6. 6.Point of Sell. This is where I will keep baked goods, water and my drawer.
  7. 7.Storage: Cups, extra syrups, towels, extra dishes, beans, spoons. All go here.

Metal used: Aluminum Angle Bar 2x2x0.25 inch and Aluminum T 2x2x0.25

Here's the cart in it's final state. As it stands, it rolls in and out of the trailer to do indoor and outdoor craft coffee catering. 
coffee cart
The cart outside of the trailer. The trailer is now permitted as an "Enclosed Mobile Food Vendor". We are permitted as a full sized food truck and can travel between counties and states utilizing temporary permits. Or we can just use our annual here. The trailer itself, is set up for drive-thru or walk up. 


Coffee Cart Water Pumps and Electric Systems: Caffewerks

Simple Carts: American Made Foldable Coffee Carts