Coffee Truck Consultations

coffee truck consultations

It was all a dream! I remember when I decided to leave emergency medicine after 7 years of being a 911 medic and pursue my dreams of coffee, how lost I felt and how big the market felt.

Where I start? How do I get financed? Where do I get training? 

I didn't want to look like a fool. I wanted to be an expert in the field and most of all I wanted to pursue my passions and still make a good living. 

Fast forward 6 years, 4 coffee trucks, 2 coffee carts and a brick & mortar coffee shop and lets just say it's been quite a journey! The tuition at the school of hard knocks is expensive and often painful. If I only knew what I know. 

I'm here to help. 

Question: Should I wait until I do some research before I book a consultation? 


A 60 min conversation can cover hours of your research. AND! What I've often found, people sometimes make a few assumptions that come to really bite them in the butt! So, taking a little time early in the game can help dial in your research efforts. 

Question: Should I buy your book or take your courses first? 

The book and the courses are meant to educate, but it's impossible to fill in all the gaps. Regulations are different. Business plans are different. People's financial situation is different. 

So, it's hard to cover it all in pre-written material. Look at the table of contents of the book and the course. If the material is covered there, go that route. If not, book the consultation. 

Question: I'm really new to coffee. Should I wait until I know a little more? 

Maybe...but sometimes it helps to learn something new by having someone show you a bit. Kinda like driving a car.  You can definitely learn on your own, but having someone show you how to engage the clutch will ease the grinding of the gears. You'll be surprised at what 60 minutes can get you!

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Profitability
  • Rules and Regulations (Plumbing, electric, commissary)
  • Build out materials and plans
  • Location development
  • Profitable business plans
  • Mindset
  • Floor Plan
  • Brew techniques

Areas of Good Foundation

  • Roasting
  • Employee Management
  • Human Resources

Areas of Needed Development

  • Franchise Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Phase 3 Electrical Work
  • International Sourcing Regulations

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