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The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Coffee Truck

Corporate Slave...

I was working 70 hour work weeks, busting my ass to make someone else rich. No weekends. Always missed evening dinners. I could never make plans because work was always in the way. I was always making excuses to my wife and my life on why I couldn't do something. I just wasn't happy...

Finds Freedom...

Enter the Coffee Truck. I bought a 1974 Vintage Scamp Trailer on Craigslist and began the build out process. I spent 2 months gutting the trailer and rebuilding it to my city's permit specification. In the process, I learned so much about coffee, trailers, restaurants and the food truck industry. But my education was costly. Over $4,000 in mistakes...

Fueling Passion...

My coffee truck journey has been an amazing and rewarding journey. I work part time hours and make a full time salary. I have the weekends that I want off. I sit down with my family to eat dinner each evening. I have balance in both time and money. This experience has been awesome. Now that I know how to do it, I want to pass it on so you know how to do it too!

The single, most informative resource on the internet for creating a coffee truck.

Created by a successful coffee truck owner with penetrating detail and insight to owning and operating a successful coffee truck.

  • If you are looking for a way out of your corporate life...
  • If you are looking on making a little extra income on the weekends...
  • If you are looking to make full time money at part time hours...
  • Whether you are a experienced barista or a coffee enthusiast, you can start a coffee truck...

This website breaks down the steps needed and what order to create your dreams. Get your plans started and your coffee truck rolling on the road!

BONUS eBook #1 Coffee Truck Equipment

In this course, we will discuss equipment that is needed to start or build a coffee truck, a coffee trailer or an espresso cart. For this course, I interviewed all the leading manufactures' of espresso machines and grilled them on why they think they are the best. Then I made a ranking of my top 10, plus I drag you along as I shop for used equipment.

Espresso Machines

Espresso Grinders


Water Pump, Heater and Filter

Commercial Coffee Maker




BONUS eBook #2 Calculating the Cost of a Coffee Truck

In this eBook, I break down how to calculate the cost of a coffee truck, trailer or van. The course comes with an excel worksheet with predetermined expenses that you can fill out to determine your cost. It also comes with a detailed report of the cost of my last two coffee truck buildouts and a supply list for "cost of good" calculations.

Chapter 1: Picking the Vehicle

Chapter 2: Equipment

Chapter 3: Labor

Chapter 4: Permits and Miscellaneous

BONUS eBook #3 How To Build A Profitable Mobile Coffee Business

If you wanting to learn how to build a profitable coffee truck or coffee trailer business then this course is for you. This course is 6 years of experience building a 6 figure coffee truck business where I show you my secrets to building a successful and profitable coffee business.

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