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Mobile Coffee & Espresso Truck For Sale

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For Sale Mobile Coffee Trailer and Mini-Franchise
Hey Folks,
Vince here.  I've teamed up with some excellent resources to bring you a quality business opportunity that will get you on track to building a prosperous coffee truck business. 
The first step is the trailer.
  • I've located a wonderful company out of Nashville who builds excellent trailers. These are made in the United States by American craftsman. You get the vintage camper look combined with modern building technology to give you strong, reliable, very awesome looking coffee trailer. 
  • All trailers also come with a Simple Cart 801 model, which allows for indoor catering such as weddings and business events.  This is a collapsible, strong coffee cart. Made in the USA. 
The second step is the build out.
  • From years of coffee truck consulting, teaching coffee truck courses and building coffee trucks, I have been able to create a template the meets the demand of 90% of the health codes in this country.
  • The method in which we build the plumbing, electric, walls and equipment meets or exceeds most health codes.
  • Now, because there is not a national health code for food trucks, some counties will be the exception.
    • For those counties, I will walk you through the process on what you need to get your coffee truck up to code so that you may be permitted to operate your coffee truck. 
Next step is the equipment.
  • Tried and true, I have hand-picked the equipment I find to bring the best value for your investment. This is hardy, field tested equipment I have personal experience using in a coffee truck.
  • Most of the equipment is brand new, the exception being the Vitamix, which has a 5 year warranty and the generator, which I buy refurbished from a reseller with 5/5 stars out of 6000 reviews.
  • I have 2 options: 110v espresso machine or a 220 volt espresso machine. The generator will be tailored to the espresso machine. 
Lastly the training. 
There are two sections of training:
  • Digital: The digital training includes the eBook, business plan and coffee truck courses. Here you will be assigned to-do projects that include starting your business, obtaining domain names/social media handles, beginning you SEO campaigns.
  • In-person: Upon completion of the trailer, you can either come to my location for in-person training or pay the shipping/transport fees to have me deliver your trailer and train you in person at your location. 
  • 3 payments:
    • 1. Camper Payment
    • 2. Equipment Payment
    • 3. Final Delivery/Pick-Up. 
What you do not get: 
  • There is no yearly fee. Because I act as more of a general contractor and consultant, I am able to help you get started in your dreams without the reoccurring fees of a franchise. 
  • You do not get my brand. You will have to find your own brand and business name. You will have to operate under your own business structure. You will be a separate entity from me. 
  • You will not have to share your profit. Again, we are separate businesses. My job is to help you get the training wheels off. Once they're off off, you are flying solo. 
  • Legal umbrella. Because we separate businesses, you will not have access to my legal team. You will have to find your own insurance and lawyers. 
Camper and Cart
16 foot Aero Build Camper custom built for Green Joe Coffee Truck. 
This unit is a 16 foot coffee trailer with a single axle. Base color is off white. It is a single serving window. 
  • 1 service window
  • 1 door
  • Under counter storage space
  • 4 recessed LED's on a dimmer
  • 6 Outlets
  • 801 Collapsible Coffee Cart

Plumbing Includes: 
  • 30-gallon freshwater tank,
  • 3/4 inch inlet
  • 40-gallon grey water tank with 3 inch RV drain valve
  • 10x14x10" triple sink with integrated metal 12" drainboards
  • Handwashing sink: 9x9x5,
  • 4 Gallon hot water heater,
  • Water pump with accumulator (at least 45 psi or 3.3 gpm)
  • BWT Water Filter System
Electric Includes: 
  • 50 amp breaker panel
  • 30 amp 220 v outlet
  • x3 20 amp 110 outlets
  • Generator Box
Equipment Includes:
  • New Astoria Pratic Avant Espresso Machine
  • New Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder
  • New Curtis Airpot Coffee Maker x3 airpots
  • Vitamix blender (Refurbished)
  • New 6 cu ft under counter refrigerator (new)
  • New 13500 BTU Rooftop AC
  • Champion Generator (Refurbished) or Predator Generator (new)
  • 5 Gallon Cold Brew Maker

Interior (TBD)

  • Light colored, washable walls
  • Commercial Grade Sheet Vinyl Flooring



  • Coffee Truck Ebook, Business Plan and Coffee Truck Course


  • Day 1: Opening and Closing Procedures
  • Day 2: Drink Recipes
  • Day 3: Picking a Location or Route



The buildout takes 60-90 days for the trailer, then and additional 1 month for equipment installation and interior design. 



Delivery fees are to be determined based upon where in the country you are located. I am in Albuquerque. You can also avoid delivery fees by arranging pick up.