Coffee Truck Floor Plan Class

Coffee Truck Floor Plan Design

Are you planning to open a coffee truck or coffee cart and need floor plan designs? Creating a coffee truck floor plan that meets the code and regulations of your city/county can be daunting. In this 4 week course, together we will design your floor plan to both meet your code and regulations but also to increase efficiency of workflow. 

The Process of Floor Plan Course

Designing floor plans is a 4 step process.

Step One The first step is a conference meeting (Zoom or Google Meet) in which, we discuss the various code/regulations we must adhere to. I will then ask about your vision and give honest feedback on how to implement your vision to your code and regulations so that you may increase the probability of a successful, health department approved coffee truck. 

coffee truck floor plan design

Step Two After the initial consultation, I will then draw up a set of rough draft. This process takes approximately 7 days. The rough draft is hand-drawn. It will include a birds-eye view, a view of each inside wall (x4 walls total) and a plumbing diagram. After the rough draft is submitted, we will then again join a conference meeting for revisions to the rough draft. 

Step Three Revisions are applied to the rough draft and a final draft is created. Again, I send the final draft for acceptance. If accepted, the plans are sent to a software technician to be drawn up in 2D CAD. If another set of revisions are needed, we will do a final consultation for final revisions. 

Step Four Final revisions are drawn in 2D CAD. 

coffee truck and coffee cart CAD floor plan drawing


Are you an architect or engineer? I am not. If you municipality requires you to have an architect or engineer draw your plans, my suggestion would be to send my final draft to an architect/engineer for review. 

Does your plans include plumbing and electric? Yes. The plans I draw, have both plumbing and electric drawn into them, however, be advised that due to liability, I do not specify how to wire outlets, panels or inlets. That work is to be done between you and a professional electrician. 

What if I need more revisions after the final revision? You can purchase more revisions at a discounted rate of my consultation cost ($99/hour). 

What if my plans are rejected by the city? Unfortunately, this is a reality for many food trucks. If the rejection occurred because of a detail I overlooked, ie a mistake I made, I am happy to correct it free of charge. However, if it is because of unforeseen code and regulation, then revisions will be at a discounted rate of my consultation cost ($99/hour).