Coffee Truck For Sale

Buying a Coffee Truck 101

If I have a coffee truck for sale, I'll post it here. In the meantime, here's some information to help you on your search...

Are you looking to purchase a coffee truck? Searching for a used coffee trailer for sale? In this page, I will cover the many aspects of purchasing a coffee truck. 

  • New Mobile Coffee Trucks or Coffee Truck Buildout
  • Coffee Truck Franchise
  • Used Coffee Truck or Coffee Trailer For Sale
  • Build Your Own Coffee Truck

 coffee truck for sale

New Mobile Coffee Truck or Coffee Truck Buildout

The first option for getting into the mobile coffee truck or coffee trailer industry is to purchase a new coffee truck. This is by far the most expensive option, but also the option that warrants less headache from used or broken equipment. 

Step One Find a Food Truck Builder. There are many around the country. Some more reputable than others. But while all food truck manufacturers build coffee trucks, not all coffee truck manufacturers build food trucks. What's the big difference? There are a few. The plumbing between a food truck and a coffee truck are significantly different. The water pressure and filtration is a coffee truck is extremely important and often has to meet certain guidelines to maintain the warranty in your espresso machine. In a catastrophic event of equipment failure, the first thing the espresso machine company is going to want to see is your pressure and filtration system. So, it pays to work with someone who knows  thing or two about coffee trucks. Do you research. Ask for references. 

 A few questions I would ask if I were purchasing new: 

1. Will it meet my county/city code? 

2. What is the R Value of the insulation? *I cannot understate the importance of good insulation. 

3. Does it come with equipment? Is the equipment NSF? 

4. Is there a warranty? Labor? Equipment? 

5. Turn around time? 

6. Delivery Fees? 

7. How are things added on as we go? What is the process for up-sell? 

 Here's a detailed list of coffee food truck manufacturers: 


Prime Design Food Trucks – Verified Builder 


Carlin Manufacturing
Experiential Food Truck Rental 
LA Custom Food Trucks
LA Stainless Kings
Mobie Experiential Trucks
U.S. Catering Trucks MFG, LLC

Kareem Carts Manufacture & Commissary
WYSS Catering Trucks
MSM Catering Trucks Manufacturing
Legion Manufacturing
Plano Manufacturing
AA Cater Truck Inc.
El Monte Catering Truck
Food Cart USA

AA Catering Truck – Los Angeles
Armenco Catering Trucks – Sun Valley
California Cart Builders – Lake Elsinore
Legion Manufacturing – South El Monte
US Catering Truck Mfg. – Hayward
West Coast Catering Trucks  – Los Angeles
WYSS Catering Truck – Santa Fe Springs


Carts of Colorado, Inc. 
Mile High Custom Food Trucks


Creative Mobile Systems, Inc
Cart Concepts International

Creative Mobile Systems – Manchester
The Pizza Truck Company – Bethel


Crown Food Carts



High Standard Customs
Food Truck Heaven 
Trailers USA
AAA Concession Trucks and Trailers
Trailer Factory
ADG Food Trucks
Concession Nation
Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks
One Fat Frog Food Trucks and Trailers
Concession Nation

Cool Blue Customs – Orlando
Eat Street Trucks – St. Cloud
Food Cart USA – Miami
M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks – Macclenny
Miami Trailer – Miami
Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks – Bunnell


Food Trucks South
Advanced Concession Trailers
Best Built Trailer 
RPM Truck and Trailer


Double R Trailer Mfg., Inc.
Sno Shack, Inc. 


Midwest Food Trucks – Chicago
Schantz Manufacturing Inc. – Highland



Custom Concessions
Prestige Food Trucks
Southern Yankee BBQ 
Millennium Trailers

Utilimaster – Bristol
Prestige Food Trucks – Elkhart



Merchandising Frontiers Inc


Mobile Kitchen Solutions 


Red Door Trucks
Bostonian Body, Inc.


Detroit Custom Coach
Morgan Olsen – Sturgis


Chameleon Concessions


Coastal Concessions 


Missouri Great Dane
APEX Specialty Vehicles 

MAG Specialty Vehicles – Kansas City


Ibarra’s Mobile Kitchen Solutions

New Jersey 

Custom Sales and Services Inc.
Push-Cart International
Vending Trucks, Inc.
Experiential Truck Rentals, Inc.
Custom Mobile Food Equipment

New York

800 Buy Cart
All Star Carts and Vehicles
Willy Dogs
Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions
M Design
Road Kitchens USA

 North Carolina 

Biz on Wheels
JRP Concession Trailers 
Jack of All Trades by George
Concession Works



All a Cart Mfg. Inc.
C. Nelson Manufacturing Co.
Trailex Concession Trailers 
Cleveland Custom Trucks
Custom Creations 


Northwest Mobile Kitchens
Carriage Works
Ross RV & Food Carts
Quality Food Trailers


Eri Vending Cart

South Carolina 

Gorilla Fabrication 


Food Trucks by Design – Johnson City

Aero Builders


Houston Food Truck Masters
CKF Venus
On the Move, Inc. 
Texas Mobile Kitchens

Backyard Food Truck Builders – Houston
Chef Units Food Trucks – Houston
Cruising Kitchens – San Antonio
Kitchens on Wheels – New Braunfels


Snowie LLC
Utah Food Trucks


East Coast Launch Pad 
Rolling Restaurants  
Cardinal Carts and Equipment Inc.  
Kitchen Corps, Inc
Joe The Cart Guy

Custom Concessions – Chester


Caged Crow Fabrication 


Seattle Coffee Gear


My 2 cents: This in my opinion is above all the riskiest coffee truck to open. Here's why: Most people have to borrow to get a new coffee truck. The loans on these range from $45,000-$120,000. Now, if you are just getting started in coffee or in coffee trucking, you cannot guarantee you're going to make good money right out of the gate! But with a business loan, you are very much guaranteeing a large bill in the beginning. It's an easy way to get flipped upside down real quick and find yourself out of business. So, it's not typically my recommendation. That being said, if you must, I offer a mini-franchise. It comes fully equipped with training.  If you are going to do it, might as well do it right: 

Coffee Truck Franchise

Different franchises have different fees. Most have a entrance fee, which is usually called a franchise free. You pay this at the beginning just to get your foot in the door. That fee can range from $10,000-$50,000. There can be other fees as well, such as marketing fees, which based on monthly revenue and also royalty fees. It's important to really understand what you are getting for these fees. At Green Joe Coffee Truck, our mini-franchise doesn't charge any entrance or reoccurring fee. 

Resources: "Opening a Franchise" "7 Things to Know Before Opening a Franchise"

14 Coffee Shop Franchise Opportunity for 2021


Used Coffee Truck or Trailer For Sale

used coffee trailer for sale

When looking for a used coffee truck a little gumption will go along way. Ebay, Craigslist, OfferUp and Facebook Market are all your allies. But also considering reaching out to current owners to see if they are interested in selling. Perhaps they opened a coffee shop and don't have the time. Case stated: A little hard work will go a long way here. 

Like all thing used, it comes with an inherent risk of breaking down. But, it also is less expensive and you have the opportunity of finding a steal...

Tread lightly in this arena. This is where the ice can break. You can very easily find yourself upside down in a money pit. 

The biggest piece of advice I was given, assume you are about to be ripped off and then have the seller prove you wrong. Pessimism is your friend here.

Questions to ask the seller: 

1. Where did they find the truck? 

2. How long were they in business? 

3. Why are they selling it? 

4. Where was the vehicle maintained? 

5. Where was the equipment maintained? 

6. Is any of the equipment still under warranty? 

7. What problems have they had with the vehicle? 

8. What problems do they expect with the vehicle/equipment? 

9. What would be the next thing they would upgrade? 

Here are some listings of used coffee trucks: 


Build Your Own Coffee Truck

This is the option I personally favor. Even if you don't have any experience with construction, you can still build your own. Here is a couple of "out of the box" ideas to consider. 

Purchase a Mobile Bar then Upgrade

In this pathway, you would use the same search technique mentioned above for a used coffee truck, but this time, your focus would be on a mobile bar. 

Mobile bars are typically 1/3-1/2 the cost of a coffee truck because they don't have any of the equipment and lack the plumbing. 

Then, hire a plumber to install your plumbing. My Coffee Truck Crash Course can help you walk through this process. 

Purchase a Trailer and General Contractor

This is similar to the above, but in this path, you are purchasing a bare trailer (See Know The Cost Course for full trailer comparisons).

Then hire a General Contractor to oversee the installation of floors, walls, ceiling, electric and plumbing. 

DIY Coffee Truck 

Finally, this option requires the most work, but will cost the least. In the DIY path, you purchase a truck or trailer then do most if not all the work yourself.

You'll save about $20,000 doing this route. This is where I meet most of my clients and have built a business helping entrepreneurs with the build out and the red tape. 

You will need to install your window, insulation, walls, floors, ceiling, plumbing, electric and equipment. 


Coffee Truck Crash Course

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Coffee Trucks

Final Thoughts

Whether you purchase new, used or build your own, take your time and do your research. Don't let anyone (including myself) pressure you into a deal you are not ready to make. 

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Trust your gut.

And research, research, research. 

Most of all, don't get discouraged. The secret to coffee truckin, is you gotta keep on truckin. 

About The Author

Vincent LaVolpa is the owner of Green Joe Coffee Truck. He has built 4 coffee trucks and 2 coffee carts. He has owned a brick and mortar (Helix Coffee) and has roasted his own coffee beans. He has written a book on how to build coffee trucks, has a Youtube page, a coffee truck podcast and sells consultation services on building mobile coffee applications. He has taught a coffee history course at University of New Mexico. He has placed Top 3 Best in the City for Barista. Prior to his work in coffee, he was a Paramedic with Albuquerque Ambulance and a Combat Engineer with the 1st Armored Division, 16th Engineer Battalion. His favorite cup of coffee is a medium/dark cold brew in the summer and a quad shot mocha breve (dust of cinnamon) in the winter.