Do I need all the money to start my mobile coffee truck to begin this class?


No. In fact, the way I like to build trucks, is by first building a cart that rolls into the truck. I do this for many reasons (indoor catering, farmers markets, renting office space during the winter months, preventing from freezing). Point is, this is an educational course. Obviously if you have the funds, you can get started right away with your truck. But even if you don’t, you can still build your cart and when you earn enough, start on your truck.


Will you help me understand my permitting code?


Absolutely. I will read each student's code and will require you to do the same. We will also be making contact with the inspectors with specific questions. The whole point of the course is to help guide you through the process.


If I need to drop out of the class, do I get a partial refund?

Unfortunately not. There is a limited amount of seats in the course and when you sign up, you are filling a seat of another potential student. But I will continue to send you videos of each meeting so that you retain the information that you paid for.


What if I miss a meeting?


Students that miss a meeting will be sent a video so they may catch up.


Do I have to do the construction by myself on my truck/cart?


No. Some people are going to be comfortable doing a lot of work by themselves. Some will not. I personally feel that most people can do the floors, the plumbing (after watching my video) and most equipment installation themselves. Most people will contract the electric work to an electrician. Many people will wrap their trucks while others will paint themselves (I’ve done both and will give you feedback on both). My job is to guide you through the process so you can make the best decision for you.



Please note, there are some things you can do yourself and  other things you will need a contractor for. For example, most people will contract the electric work, but some people will feel comfortable putting in their floors. Each person is different. Those with DIY experience and gumption will require less contracted labor and be able to maintain a lower start up cost. My job is to walk you through this experience.



Instructor Bio: Vincent LaVolpa is the owner of Green Joe Coffee Truck. He has built  3 coffee trucks and 2 coffee carts. He has owned a brick and mortar (Helix Coffee) and has experience roasting his own coffee beans. He has written a book on how to build coffee trucks, has a Youtube page and sells consultation services on building mobile coffee applications. He has taught a coffee history course at University of New Mexico. He has placed Top 3 Best in the City for Barista.   Prior to his work in coffee he was a Paramedic with Albuquerque Ambulance and a Combat Engineer with the 1st Armored Division, 16th Engineer Battalion. His favorite cup of coffee is a medium/dark cold brew in the summer and a quad shot mocha cappuccino in the winter.