Best Commercial Espresso Machine: Astoria Divina

I use an Astoria Divina 2 group semi.

Here's the pros and cons: 
1. Pros: Workhorse. Can pull shots, pull shots, pull shots. In fact, I pull so many shots from it, I named it after my tank in the Army, "Dirty Duece"!
No, but seriously, that think can pull shots.
2. Cons: Draws a lot of power. I'm mobile, so this is a concern for me. But I bought it with the thought of brick and mortar later, its a problem now, but hopefully not one later :)

Here's a few notes:

  1. It does not have a built in grinder
  2. It draws 4.4kw
  3. Its 220v
  4. Weights 138 pounds dry
  5. Takes 15 minutes to warm up

Here's a data sheet if you need one:

I paid $2,400 for a refurb...

Hope it helps!