How Green Joe got its name...

So, alot of people ask if Green Joe Coffee Truck got its name from being organic coffee. It's a good guess but the answer is no, it did not. 

Green Joe was a ship, an Italian Ship: Giuseppe Verdi.


The Giuseppe Verdi made transatlantic voyages from Naples, Italy to Ellis Island, New York in the early 1900's transporting Italian Immigrants. It's how my great-grandfather migrated to America. 

When deciding a name for my business, I couldn't help but notice the metaphor that here was a vessel that brought people to the American Dream and that I was opening a vessel that was carrying me to the American Dream. 

I played around with a few other names, but ultimately decided this was the best for me. 

If you look at the logo and when I was "established" you'll notice it says 1912. Well, that's because 1912 was the year my great-grandfather Vincenzo was on the manifest. It was the year the American Dream was established in my family. 

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