How many watts my generator needs for my coffee truck.

Hey group!!!

I wanted to put out a post on how many watts my generator needs as this seems to get asked a lot on the coffee forums. I own a Generac 8000w running/10k starting.

So here's a list of my equipment and their power needs, as well as my opinion on the equipment...

Espresso 2 group Astoria (This thing is awesome. True work horse.)

4400 w (220v)

Espresso Grinder (Cheap Mazzer knock off. Works great and 1/2 the price. Paid $200 bucks for a re-furb...)

400w (120v)

Ninja Blender (another awesome piece. I make just as much fraps as I do lattes)

650w (120v)

Grindmaster Pourover Airpot Coffee Brewer (slow as hell! I end up making Americano's if we get slammed...always waiting for this thing to brew). This thing is totally optional if you have a good espresso machine, you can just offer Americanos (which are cheaper for me to make anyhow. 22 cents vs 28 cents per 16 0z cup)

1400w (120v)

Summit Refridgerator FF521BL7 4 gallons of milk, 2 creamers, x3 1/2 gallon almond milks and I still have a bottom shelf...

200w (120v)

Computer Speakers

5 w (120v)

Electric sign

10w (120v)

Battery Recharger for my 12 v battery. Optional as well, you can charge off your household at night if you have the right set up...

300w (120)

Total= 7,365