Should you accept Credit Cards at your Mobile Coffee Truck

The short answer is yes. But let me explain why. It's important to have a POS system that not only accepts credit cards, but also tracks your sales. In this day and age with technology advancing so quickly there is no reason why you shouldn't accept most forms of payment.

On my coffee truck we use a Square. I use the Square for multiple reasons:
  • It's easy of use: It's really simple to use. Download the app. Plug in the square device into your iphone or iPad microphone jack and it will walk you through the rest. The app has a easy to use plat form so it keeps my transaction time to a minimal. You can make buttons of  commonly purchased items or if you like manually input the cost. Super simple.

  • Reputible name: People trust it. 

  • Sales Tracking System: It keeps track of the sales type, time  and average sale for you. Nice numbers to have. It will also compare how you are doing this week to last week. It sends reports at the end of the day via email so you can see how you did.

  • Customer data collection: If people choose to receive their reciept by text or email, they are then added to your customer data base and you can send them emails and promotions via email marketing. Pretty sweet. 

  • Automatic deposit: Deposits the money every night, automatically into your account.

  • Integrates with Quickbooks so that I can find out my profit/loss . Quickbooks will import all the data from Square directly into their software and use it to determine how much I've lost or made. It simplifies my accounting process so much! And come tax time it makes it even easier. 

The negative to Square is how much they charge. 3% off the top. There are cheaper systems out there: Flint, Paypal. I've even heard of free services. But I like Square and will stick to it.

Credit card transactions account for 50% off all my transactions. And since I started carrying t-shirts at my coffee truck, people start asking if I carry a card reader. Not many people carry $50 cash on them .

It doesn't matter to me which POS system you get, just get something! Otherwise that's money passing you by!