How to Pick a Generator for your Mobile Coffee Truck or Coffee Cart

When picking a generator for your mobile coffee cart or truck, there's going to be a couple of first questions that you have to ask yourself. 

Gas vs. Diesel vs. Propane

I personally like gas generators for the following reasons: 

  • Gas is easiest to find
  • Gas mechanics are easier to find
  • Better resale value
  • More sellers, which means more variety to pick from

220v vs. 110v

If you are in the USA and using a commercial espresso machine (2 groupheads), you most likely need a 220v machine. 

Most 220v have 110v that come with them. 

If your espresso machine is using 1 grouphead, its probably 110v. 

Most 220v generators are loud and pricey. Generally, they start with over 4,000 watts and over 70 decibels. And on the low-end, $600. They quickly move up from there. Sky is the limit. 


Generally, anything above 70 decibels, you cannot have a conversation next to. Anything below, you can. 

If your generator is 70+ decibels and you are mounting it to the front or back of your trailer/truck, you should be fine. There will be the hum of your generator in the background but it won't interfere with conversation. 

Honda makes the quietest, but it comes with a price. 

Not all Equipment are Ran at The Same Time...

One of the things I quickly noticed is that I do not run my espresso coffee grinder and my blender at the same time. So it doesn't make much sense that I buy a generator so big it covers both appliances. Also, I don't use much hot water throughout my day, so I only plug that in the morning when I'm getting ready then I nurse the tank through out the shift. I use cold brew for my drip coffee, so I was able to scrap the need for a coffee machine/pot. 

Buy a Good Warranty

If you can, shoot for a 3 year warranty. 

Here is some generators that I liked: 

Westinghouse 7500 Generator:

Champion 7500 Dual Fuel:

Honda 7000i:

Some other Generator essentials:

40’ Generator Cord:

Generator Adapter: