How to Start a Coffee Trailer: Pros and Cons. Should I? Initial Investment to Full Time Coffee Shop

How to Build a Mobile Coffee Trailer and is it right for you? 

In this video, I ask a few questions: 

What is the initial cost to test the market (such as a coffee cart)?  How much do you have to spend to find out if this is a viable idea? And...Can you recoup that investment if it doesn't work out? 

How much does it cost to expand from a Beta test to a full size operation (such as a coffee trailer) ? And...Can you recoup that cost of it doesn't work out? 

How much money do you need per year to live a comfortable life? 

How much money does your beta test need to make for you to feel comfortable jumping from a beta test to full size operation? Meaning, what is your level of risk tolerance?

How many hours do you need to work to gain such income?