Why a Coffee Truck is better than a Food Truck

Why owning a Coffee Truck is Better than a Food Truck

1. Coffee is Awesome.

And not in just the “I love coffee” sense. Coffee is the world’s second sold product right behind petroleum. 83% of Americans are regular coffee drinkers (up 5% from last year) consuming over 400 million cups of coffee per day. Coffee as a daily habit, not like other foods. As much as tacos are awesome, they’re typically only on Tuesdays in my life. Think about it, you’re probably having a cup now as you read this…so not only is it in demand. It’s in demand every single day of our lives.

2. Coffee has a better half life.

Good roasted coffee can hold for multiple days before going stale. My coffee typically holds for 5-7 days before going stale. The only thing I have to worry about is my milk product. But even if my milk goes bad, it’s only $2 that I lose out on, versus if you’re a hamburger guy and your bread goes bad, you’re out $50. Bottom line coffee is wasted less, which leads to better profit.

3. Coffee has better profit ratios.

On a latte I can mark up 60-75%. On iced blended drinks, even higher. Although my average sale is not as high, my profit is much higher. And the bottom line always comes down to profit.

4. Equipment cost less.

I have an espresso machine, a grinder, blender and fridge. That’s my equipment. A savvy shopper can get all of these for less that three grand if he shops around (despite what all the coffee forums say). Lower start up cost = More profit.

5. You are not in direct competition with other food trucks.

Because my main gig is coffee and not food (I do carry muffins), I can roll with any food truck and not be in direct competition to them. This is awesome on multiple fronts:

  1. Other food trucks are more likely to invite you to events.
  2. Other food truck owners don’t mind talking about you.
  3. Customers don’t have to choose which to go to.
6. Entrepreneurs work long hours. You’ll have coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover and since you’re still reading this, I assume you are….you’ll have an unlimited supply of coffee at your disposal. I love this job because I get to sit in my truck and make coffee concoctions. My latest being a Nutella Blended Drink that people love!!! Point being, you’ll always have coffee at hand. Which has it own perks…

Bottom Line

Coffee is profitable. It cost less to start up. It’s an untapped market (food truck wise) and it’s awesome to have around. All and all, coffee is awesome and if you’re thinking about opening a food truck and you love coffee….you may want to consider the coffee truck route…